6 Reasons to Choose Custom
E-commerce Solutions for Your Business
In the rapidly evolving world of digital commerce, businesses are seeking powerful strategies to stay competitive and maximize their reach. As we navigate through the dynamic e-commerce landscape of 2023, the choice of the right platform becomes a deciding factor in the success of your online business. With global e-commerce sales predicted to reach $5.4 trillion in 2023, it's time to seize the opportunity with a platform tailored to your unique needs.
Why Custom E-commerce Solutions?
1. Tailored User Experience (UX)
User experience (UX) has emerged as a critical factor influencing customer loyalty and conversion rates. A study by Amazon Web Services reveals that e-commerce businesses could be leaving up to 35% of sales on the table due to poor UX.
This statistic underscores the immense importance of UX in e-commerce. When customers enjoy a seamless, intuitive shopping experience, they are more likely to become repeat buyers and brand advocates.
Custom e-commerce solutions offer an unparalleled opportunity to enhance this UX. Unlike standard platforms, custom solutions provide the flexibility to create a unique and personalized UX that perfectly mirrors your brand identity. They enable you to design an online store that not only meets your business needs but also exceeds customer expectations. 
A significant majority, 84% to be precise, of online shoppers indicate that personalization plays a vital role in their purchasing decisions. Additionally, an even higher percentage, 88%, are inclined to persist in shopping on a retailer's website that provides a personalized experience. 
2. Scalability and Growth
Custom e-commerce solutions are designed with this scalability in mind, providing a robust foundation for growth. These solutions can seamlessly handle increasing traffic, expand product lines, and adapt to evolving customer needs without requiring significant overhauls. As a result, businesses can grow at their own pace, free from the constraints of standard platforms.
Moreover, with total global e-commerce sales projected to reach an estimated $7.4 trillion by 2025, it's more important than ever for businesses to stay agile and responsive to market dynamics. Custom e-commerce solutions offer this agility, enabling businesses to respond swiftly to industry trends and customer preferences. 
3. Enhanced Security
Security concerns in E-commerce have emerged as a significant priority for businesses operating in the digital era. With cybercrime on the rise and eCommerce fraud projected to cost the retail sector a staggering $48 billion globally in 2023 according to Juniper Research, it's clear that robust security measures are no longer optional but essential. 
This is where custom e-commerce solutions shine. They offer enhanced protection against cyber threats, providing a secure platform for your customers to shop with confidence. Unlike popular platforms that are often targets for hackers due to their common vulnerabilities, custom solutions reduce susceptibility to these risks. 
With The University of Maryland reporting that a cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds, the urgency for enhanced security measures has never been clearer.
4. Seamless Integration Capabilities
As reported by Adobe, an estimated 2.64 billion consumers worldwide are expected to make at least one online purchase in 2023. To keep up with this surging demand, businesses need an e-commerce solution that can effortlessly integrate with their inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and other essential business systems. This synchronization is crucial for maintaining an organized and efficient operation. 
Custom e-commerce solutions offer the flexibility to add unique features and third-party tools as needed. Mobile e-commerce sales surged to $2.2 trillion in 2023, constituting 60% of global e-commerce sales, as disclosed by Statista's Market Insights. With a custom solution, you can integrate innovative third-party tools and applications that enhance your customers' shopping experience and boost your sales. 
5. Long-Term Cost Benefits
When it comes to e-commerce solutions, an upfront investment in a custom platform can yield significant long-term financial benefits. This might seem counterintuitive initially, but a closer examination of the facts paints a clear and compelling picture. 
The world of e-commerce is projected to grow by 10.4% in 2023, according to Forbes. As the competitive landscape intensifies, the need for cost-effective, high-quality user experiences becomes paramount. Custom e-commerce solutions are uniquely positioned to meet this demand.
Investing in a custom e-commerce solution is a strategic move that pays dividends in the long run. Despite the higher initial costs compared to templated solutions, the potential for long-term savings and improved operational efficiency makes it a compelling choice. 
6. Ownership and Control
Full ownership and control have transformed from mere advantages to absolute necessities. A custom e-commerce solution is your ticket to this unparalleled power, offering you the reins on your business data and user information, free from the shackles of third-party platforms.
Beyond data management, custom e-commerce solutions liberate you from the constraints imposed by third-party platforms. In an industry defined by constant change and innovation, the ability to swiftly adapt is crucial. A bespoke platform provides this agility, allowing you to implement changes quickly and seamlessly, bypassing bureaucratic roadblocks. 
Standing out in the crowd is no small feat. As we've explored through the seven reasons in this blog, a custom e-commerce solution offers you a unique competitive edge.
We encourage you, as forward-thinking business leaders, to assess your needs considering these long-term benefits. Reflect on your current challenges, envision your future goals, and ponder the level of efficiency and control you desire over your business operations. 
The world of e-commerce is vast and varied, but a custom solution can be your compass, guiding you towards your unique path of success. Remember, customization doesn't just mean fitting into the existing framework; it means creating a new one that's uniquely yours. 
At Ascension 6, we specialize in providing tailored e-commerce solutions that drive growth and innovation. Embrace the power of a custom e-commerce solution today. The future of e-commerce is custom, and the future is now. 

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