Vietnamese IT Firms Discover Lucrative Opportunities in the Japanese Market
Ascension 6
July 31, 2023

Vietnam proudly stands as Japan’s second-largest partner. This strategic alliance underscores Vietnam’s IT prowess and its influential role in global technology.

The Japanese market has emerged as a fertile ground for Vietnamese Information Technology (IT) firms, marking a significant shift in the global IT outsourcing landscape. The Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) reports that Japan spends approximately $30 billion on software outsourcing annually, presenting an immense growth opportunity for Vietnamese IT companies.

A remarkable development in this landscape is the strategic alliance formed by fifteen small and mid-sized Vietnamese IT firms. This collaborative approach enables these firms to pool their resources and capabilities to better cater to the demands of the Japanese market.

A significant addition to this dynamic is Japan’s standing as one of the top trading partners for Vietnam. This relationship further solidifies the ties between the two countries and provides an additional layer of opportunity for Vietnamese IT firms.
Japan’s plans to sign an agreement with Vietnam allowing it to export defense equipment and technology further tighten the ties between the two countries. Coupled with new visa policies and extended stays for Vietnamese citizens, this creates an environment conducive to business expansion and collaboration.
However, these developments are not just about the promising market. The burgeoning ties between Vietnam and Japan could potentially offer a counterbalance to China’s influence in the region.
As we witness these advancements, it’s evident that the Japanese market holds immense promise for Vietnamese IT firms. This is not merely an opportunity for growth—it’s a chance to shape the future of the IT industry.
Now is the time for Vietnamese IT firms to seize this opportunity. By leveraging their strengths and forging strategic alliances, they can make a significant impact in the Japanese market. Together, we can redefine the global IT outsourcing landscape.

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